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Q: The movies do not work?
A: Download the Flash plugin here if you have not upgraded it in a while.

Q: Movie quality is crap, what's up with that?
A: Newer movies are being encoded at better quality, it will never be HD - I don't care much for paying a bandwidth bill resembling the GNP of a small country.

Q: Why does the way your site looks remind me of my worst nightmares?
A: It is all part of my evil masterplan to take over the world, either that, or I am too cheap to pay a designer - you choose.

Q: There is a pop-up on your site! OMFG!
A: It's not technically a pop-up... but pop-in...which you will get once an hour with cookies turned on, true... I can live with it..and so will you, otherwise..leave?

Q: I am in China, and the movies do not play?.
A: Shit happens, your fellow countrymen happen to be a bunch of annoying fucks messin things up, I am sure it is for the "betterment of China" but blame them anyway.

Q: I don't use windows, but some version of Ubuntu mixed with chimpanzee DNA and it don't work dude.
A: Feel confident and strong, you ARE different and unique now! Shame nobody cares: including me.

Q: Why don't you have (insert girl's name here) ?
A: Why does your wife/gf/anybody like you? The mysteries of life...

Q: Why are you such an asshole Eskimo?
A: Because it's cold in this fucking igloo, duh! I don't mean it all that bad anyway.

Enjoy the site or leave, see if I care. Either way: have fun!

The Eskimo